Creative Design of Mah Jong Modular Sofa Inspiration with the flower

Creative Design of Mah Jong Modular Sofa Inspiration

Mah Jong modular sofa is a great sofa designed by Hans Hofer and this is really a different kind of design with any other modular sofa in the market. When you look at the sofa, the first thing that will catch your attention is surely the colors and patterns. Even if you look at a glance, you will find your attention caught by the attractive colors of the modular sofa. […]

New Ledger Lock Screws

What’s the Advantages of Ledger Lock Screws

Ledger lock screws are used widely in the motor vehicle industry. In the motor vehicle there are many components are made separately , then put together using bolts and nuts in order to facilitate the re-release is done when necessary , for example to carry out repair work or replacement of components . Bolts are usually used in pairs with nuts. Part threaded rod bolts are intended to adjust the […]

Top Kitchen Banquette Seating

Kitchen Banquette Seating

Not a bad thing for my kitchen, thanks for my uncle Harry, this kitchen banquette seating really matched with my kitchen, hello everyone, I’m so happy today, my favorite place finally have something different, yes, kitchen is my favorite place, with my cooking experience I use my kitchen to do some experiments with ingredients and recipe. My uncle Harry is a generous one; I don’t have any idea about this […]

Home Gym Ideas for Small Spaces

Keep Body Fresh and Healthy with Home Gym Ideas

You better start to think about your healthy, indeed, almost 40% people seems have bad condition of healthy, and who knows if you become one of them right now. Anyway, it will be better to keep our body healthy and fresh, maybe a little workout will give better response for your body. In order to do a workout, you need suitable media, or maybe a place, and you already familiar […]

How to Pick a Room Color Red Sofa

How to Pick a Room Color

The color of the house plays a vital point on the entire process of home decoration. You all know that it sets certain ambience of the house and not to mention the mood as well. Through that kind of reason, you have to pay serious attention in the way how to pick a room color. If needed, you have to do some research. Indeed, it is all about taste, but you […]

Beautiful Built in Shelving Ideas

How to Apply Built in Shelving Ideas

Talk about shelving is never ending because we usually have so many ideas to design and makeover it. Of course, based on its function then you can start makeover your shelving. There are many types of shelving: simple, modular, and built in shelving. But here, I will share you about built in shelving only. Why built in shelving? Because it is old fashion that can be applied on many home […]

Top Porch Deck Screening

Steps for Build Porch Deck Screening

Screening your porch deck will be such an important thing and even doing it all by yourself could take such a long time, if you manage it well it can be done in one day of weekend without much trouble hampering you. And to get the porch deck screening project realized, all you need to have with you are the basic supplies as well as hand tools. Installing a porch […]

Natuzzi Sofa Coffee Table With Black

Natuzzi Coffee Table, A Great Modern Look to Your Space

Natuzzi is a great shopping place for furniture due to its huge collection. You can easily find what you want to have since the options are varied. Natuzzi coffee table is one of the collections that catch customer’s attention since it consists of wide selection of coffee table in different sizes and materials. Since the products known for the modern style, so once you add a natuzzi coffee table to […]

Master Bedroom Makeovers with Wooden Furniture

Master Bedroom Makeovers to Looks New and Fresh

One of the bedrooms that are the main bedroom in a house is the master bedroom. The master bedroom is the main bedroom in the house. You have to make your master bedroom to be comfortable and relaxing. What people need when they are in the bedroom? They need the quietness, the relaxation and the comforting things. You should have to best design for your master bedroom. You have to […]

New Flooring Options for Basement

Flooring Options for Basement

People commonly choose hardwood floor as material for their basement floor, as you see on the picture below, many basement designed with wooden floor. For your information, flooring options for basement can be optimized, especially if you choose better flooring material. On this occasion I will give you different ideas, try to use concrete as flooring options for basement, concrete is one of the other famous material, with hard and […]

Do It Yourself Kitchen Cabinets with white colour

Do It Yourself Kitchen Cabinets

Not so many people have the carpentry skills, but it does not mean that there is no chance of you to personalize the look of the kitchen. By the time you want to bring something different into the kitchen through remodeling or redressing, there is no need of you to call up some backups from professional because there are so many things you could do about kitchen remodel and one […]