Creative Design of Mah Jong Modular Sofa Inspiration with black carpet

Creative Design of Mah Jong Modular Sofa Inspiration

Mah Jong modular sofa is a great sofa designed by Hans Hofer and this is really a different kind of design with any other modular sofa in the market. When you look at the sofa, the first thing that will catch your attention is surely the colors and patterns. Even if you look at a glance, you will find your attention caught by the attractive colors of the modular sofa. […]

Storage Kitchen Woven Baskets

Storage Woven Baskets, Keep Your Small Stuff Easily

You have to fulfill your need for your house. You have to keep your small stuff in the right place. It is to make your house to be well organized and clean. It is a good thing for the house. You have to get your house to be well designed. The organization of the furniture in the house should be well organized. You have to get the stuff you have […]

How to Paint Garage Floor With Paint Black

How to Paint Garage Floor

Although your garage is not in display, make it more appealing is needed. Painting your garage will not only enhance the appearance, but also give you an easier maintenance. How to paint a garage floor is not a difficult task. So, you can try it in order to give a brand new look to your garage. Thus project will need longer time at least a week so just be patient and be […]

Fancy Design of Contemporary Home Style With Decorative Lighting

Fancy Design of Contemporary Home Style by B&B Italia

Italian style is identical with contemporary style. We can see many examples for that, like what I found recently, the contemporary home style which is the creation of B&B Italia. The house is chick and simple with box shaped structure. If you see it from outside, you will think it’s a simple house, since all you can see is the box house. The house is totally covered with white color […]

Frosted Window Vinyl Decor

Frosted Window Vinyl

Naturally, we tend to damp bathroom. Because, generally the room is made completely enclosed for privacy maintained. Meanwhile, to keep indoor humidity levels needed sufficient light and air. This can be achieved by creating adequate openings, such as frosted window vinyl. There are several kinds of frosted glass that we can use, for example, the type of glass sandblast and ice. Make it too vary. Sandblast glass can be made by […]

Wall Art for Gray Living Room

Unique Wall Art for Living Room

Do you want to increase your room appearance? Well, this time I will show you different method to boost up your room, especially living room appearance. Hello readers, I’m sure you already read the foreword; indeed, today I will discuss and give you several pictures about wall art for living room. Do you know about wall art? Well, if you don’t know about wall art, you can try to look […]

Nice Laundry Room Door Ideas

Laundry Room Door Ideas

Washing clothes is a routine that is usually done by most of housewives. They used to do it manually or by relying on a washing machine. To make it sure, while washing, mother is certainly need a room or a special place so that activities can be carried out with maximum results. Unfortunately, there are many housewives who wash in the backyard of the house, especially when they carry out […]

Victorian Staircase with Wood Floor

Beautiful Victorian Staircase Style

A staircase is not only a means of soaring from one floor to the next since it also is a representation of the style at the same time. Do not forget that the staircases come in a wide array of the shapes and sizes so there will be so many choices for you to make when picking the right kind of the staircase to decorate the house with, including the Victorian […]

Button Designer Door Knob

Best and Stylish Designer Door Knob

Have you experienced about accompanying a customer who is seeing the house to buy but its door knobs haven’t been installed yet? It will be an inconvenient experience for you. But, it will never happen if you go with the every detail of your house. Knob functions not only as a decoration but also will be importantly used to open the door of a room you are getting in. Can […]

Murphy Beds Italian Design Ideas With Decorative Lighting

Italian Murphy Beds Design Ideas

Murphy bed is a smart furniture that specially designed for adding both function and aesthetic in a small space. it gives the people with small spaces have the same opportunity to get a better living space as the ones with large spaces. Moreover, today Murphy beds are manufactured by Italian manufacturer so that most of Murphy beds in the market are Italian Murphy beds. Since Italian style is quite popular, […]

Smart Sawstop Contractor Saw

Sawstop Contractor Saw Reviews

As you know, today most of the homeowners now are able to purchase their very own equipment for the construction. Now, you might want to choose carefully what kind of the contractor saw that you want to buy. The SawStop contractor saw is one of the good equipment that you can have in your own house. This particular item will help you with woods that you have in your house. You can […]