Countertop Hanging Lamp With Electrical Outlet

A Better Kitchen with a Countertop Electrical Outlet

A kitchen without a countertop electrical outlet is almost uninteresting area. Well, what’s the point of having a great design kitchen? When there are no electrical outlets to plug-in your kitchen electrical appliances, I guess the term ‘comfort’ is very far from realization. The electrical outlets, installed in your countertop or below your kitchen table, can give a lot of advantages to any kitchen. These electrical outlets can even become vital in […]

How to Make Chalkboard Framed in green

How to Make Framed Chalkboard

A framed chalkboard can cost a lot of dollars when you buy it at famous retailers and this makes people want to know how to make framed chalkboard in a DIY project so that they can make an attractive framed chalkboard without spending a lot of money. Well, how do we do it? First, you ought to prepare the materials and tools needed for this project, which will be the picture frame, […]

Cottage Flower Garden Ideas

Flowers Garden Design Ideas

One of the efforts that we can do for upgrading the look of the exterior of our home is by having a beautiful garden. Garden will not only make the look of your home exterior beautiful but also will be able to give you the peace of mind since its natural and fresh look are rally suitable for that kind of purpose. Moreover, how your garden looks like will determine […]

Complete Kitchen with Unique Italian Style Of Black Island Range Hood with black theme

Complete Kitchen with Unique Italian Style Of Black Island Range Hood

So, is your kitchen well-equipped with a kitchen hood? If it is not then you need to have one. The unique Italian style of black island range hood from Spagna Vetro is the perfect choice for your kitchen. This kitchen hood is a mounting version that will suit perfectly to any kitchen decoration. With three-speed electronic button control panel, you can easily adjust the blower speed, making it a handy device. Moreover, […]

Folding Bed Desk With Shelving Wall

The Beauty of the Folding Bed Desk

The beauty of the folding bed desk can be seen by those who really understand it. This bed is built in special purpose, which is to take the advantage of a very limited space. Well, having a bed installed with a desk is always beneficial, especially for small living spaces. With this type of bed, you can make use of the space as best as you can. As today there are many […]

What Color To Paint Master Bedroom Furniture

What Color To Paint Master Bedroom

A master bedroom will be your own private place, that’s why you need to make anything inside your master bedroom better than another room, perhaps you can start with the color theme of your master bedroom. You know, color is one of another important thing for home, with different color and combinations; you will be able to create your own master bedroom paint wall theme. Determine master bedroom color theme […]

DIY Bottle Lamp Row

DIY Bottle Lamp Ideas

Creating things for our home by ourselves is not only friendly for our wallet but also can make such kind of satisfaction. So, if you are one of those DIY lovers, then here I want to share tips of creating your own bottle lamp. DIY bottle lamps are exotic, fabulous, and of course eye catching especially if you can find such a perfect water jug. Let’s just get to the […]

Koi Ponds Filters

Fish Ponds Filters for Gardening Ideas

Having a fish pond in our backyard garden is such attracting and refreshing. Yeah, installing fish pond to the backyard garden is interesting since it’s such a multifunctional element. Well-arranged fish pod can totally increase the aesthetic look of the garden. A fish pond, located at a corner of the backyard garden with some golden fishes in, is so much nice to look at. Moreover the pond is completed with […]

Cheap Living Room Furniture Black Theme

Cheap Living Room Furniture

Do you really want to improve your home interior appearance? Well, you can start it from living room section, as you know living room is the main room of your house, so there will be many things to consider, some say price is everything, but I’m not agree with that, price is just a tag you know, better price doesn’t guarantee it have better look, I mean stop thinking about […]

Insulate Windows With Bubble Wrap Using Wall Ceramic White

How to Insulate Windows Using Bubble Wrap

In the summer season, your air conditioner will work harder than usual to make the air in the rooms cooler. It is almost the same case when winter comes. The heating system also will need more energy in heating your house, and as the result, increase the utility bill of your house. You can trick it by insulating your windows. Windows take great deal on making the room cooler or […]

Retro Room Dividers - An Idea for Creating a Retro Style in Small Spaces with oriental design

Retro Room Dividers – An Idea for Creating a Retro Style in Small Spaces

Retro style is a quite popular style used at home design since this is unique and attractive. Applying a retro design can be done with several ideas. Dividing your room with retro room dividers is one of the ideas to create a retro style in your home. This is easy because you just need to divide your room with retro dividers and you are done. This is very beneficial since […]