With Shape Silicone Mold Beetle

How to Make a Silicone Mold

Making your own silicone mold might be an interesting activity. Silicone mold is very useful to form any resin or plastic casting to be any good shape. For example, silicone molds is often used to make toys, collectible figurines, props, model parts, and any kinds of things which require plastic casting. The reason why silicone rubber is often used to make a mold is because the practicality. To add your […]

Luxury Home Office

How to Create Home Office

Creating an office at our home are the ways to make the office much more nearer if we want to go there. But actually, that’s really not nearer, because the office itself are at our house. Maybe, that’s going to make us more freely to move when we are doing our job, because we are the ones who have the house, and no need to ask where are the materials […]

Amazing Black and White Garage Cabinets Plans

How to Build Garage Cabinets Plans

If you don’t have any space left to put things, maybe this is the time you should think about having the garage cabinets’ plans. The attempt to organize our garages should be one important thing to think about in order to wash away the clutter. Once you have your garage cabinets cleaned and sorted out, you can get along well with the activity using your own stuff. Basically a cabinet […]

Murphy Desk Plans With Ornamental Leaves

Murphy Desk Plans- Tips before Building a Murphy Desk

You may find your bedroom is too small even for a bed and a desk. You can put both of them in your bedroom, but then you don’t have enough walking space. For student or worker, a desk is a very important piece they should own in order to support their activity. However, you shouldn’t need a room if you want to have a desk. Simply add a Murphy desk […]

Neutral Color Bathrooms In Small Space

Neutral Color Bathrooms Make The Room Appear Bigger

When it comes to color of the bathroom, most people tend to go with the neutral color bathrooms in order to make the most of the space since most bathrooms are small, compared to any other rooms within the house. Indeed, the neutral color bathrooms should definitely be on the top of the list not only to make the room appear bigger, but also to enhance the overall look of […]

How To Decorate A House View

How To Decorate A House

If you want to know how to decorate a house, you need to know the factors that you should have. First, you need to look at your surrounding or your neighborhood, after a few considerations you can design your house with your neighbor theme. That is the only thing that you should do among others.  You have to understand your surrounding if you want to make the house feels right and […]

Subflooring Materials Photo

Subflooring Materials Plans and Ideas

Building a new house to live in for a long time isn’t project of resale. Some people want the best we can afford. Subflooring is one of important thing that we have to be considered. The material needs are also become important part in this home improvement. That is why the subflooring materials have to be thought carefully. In this article we will provide you about subflooring materials. Firstly, you […]

Small Bathroom Ideas Tile with cremy marble style

Small Bathroom Ideas Tile

Installing tile for small bathrooms is quite challenging since the options of tile colors and sizes are limited. Making mistake in choosing tiles for small bathroom can be fatal since tiles are not something that can be easily replaced. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t create a beautiful tile design in your small bathroom. There is some small bathroom ideas tile that you can choose and apply in your […]

Zebra Boconcept Ottoman

Boconcept Ottoman – A Solution for a Tight Space

Since living in a small space is challenging, manufacturers understand the challenge of the people who live in small spaces by providing a solution for their space problem. This is what Boconcept ottoman does by creating ottomans that are specially designed to fit in any size of space. Boconcept ottoman is really a solution for them who have limited space to add a bed. the design of this ottoman is […]

How to Make Redo Furniture

How to Redo Furniture

New Year is coming. Boring is started to fill the house atmosphere since it’s been over five years you let your house ‘untouched’. No new furniture. No color changing. The same kitchen cabinetry even the same curtain –for this year– hanging in your bedroom. It’s not because you are busy with daily activities. It’s also because you need to work harder and save more since the kids are growing into […]

Retro Room Dividers - An Idea for Creating a Retro Style in Small Spaces with blue colour

Retro Room Dividers – An Idea for Creating a Retro Style in Small Spaces

Retro style is a quite popular style used at home design since this is unique and attractive. Applying a retro design can be done with several ideas. Dividing your room with retro room dividers is one of the ideas to create a retro style in your home. This is easy because you just need to divide your room with retro dividers and you are done. This is very beneficial since […]