Gehry Cardboard Furniture Bookcases

Gehry Cardboard Furniture

Today, furniture is not only made of wood, metal, or plastic, but it can also be made from recyclable cardboard. This idea comes from Frank Gehry with his great project in turning a piece recyclable cardboard in a piece of furniture. This is not simply a piece of furniture, but this is sturdy enough to be used for a long time. Gehry cardboard furniture can be a great inspiration if […]

Frank Gehry Furniture Cardboard with antique shape

Frank Gehry Furniture Cardboard

Spending a lot of money for the piece of furniture is not a good solution for those with tight budget, especially to buy traditional furniture. Opt for the Cardboard chairs and tables is a good option though. Most of you, I bet already know what the Frank Gehry furniture cardboard is, type of furniture came to the furniture industry in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Since then, more and more people […]

Simple Bathroom Tub Tile Designs

Bathroom Tub Tile Designs to Create a Beautiful and Stunning Area

Bath tub can be the center area in a bathroom since this is the area where you will spend hours soak your body. this is why bath tub usually emphasized with tile designs that are different, but still complement the rest tile designs in the bathroom. There are several bathroom tub tile designs that can be chosen depend on your need and taste. So, you will always have some options […]

Cool Oval Medicine Cabinet Surface Mount

Choosing the Oval Medicine Cabinet Surface Mount

If you plan to buy a new medicine cabinet for your bathroom, you can consider choosing the oval medicine cabinet surface mount as your choice. Well, it is surface mount, which means it is easier to install and the most important thing is that you don’t need to make a huge hole on your bathroom wall like the recessed medicine cabinet needs. Since bathroom medicine cabinets are available in many different styles […]

Oval Closet Rod Support

Closet Rod Support

The organized house is the dream of every homeowner; many ways are created to make the house neat and fully organized. The point of making house organized is put the items neat and when people are using it, they must put it back in place. By doing this rule continuously, of course the house will be very neat time to time. The consistency of the home occupants will be one […]

Best Coffee Maker with Grinder Electric Plugs

Best Coffee Maker with Grinder

  For most people consider coffee as an important part of their morning activities before working. Enjoying coffee while reading newspaper is really something isn’t it? Related to coffee, some people tend to make it by themselves, so, just for your information, here below are the coffee makers with grinder. What makes it different from the coffee maker with non-grinder and with grinder? With the built in grinder, you won’t […]

Good Flooring For Luxury Basement

Good Flooring For Basement Design

If you want to start your basement project, you should think about good flooring for basement. Good news for the people who want to start a basement project, home depot offers better material for basements especially basement flooring. Try to look on the picture of basements below, on the flooring section, you can see that wooden and deck material is quite dominated. According to the surveys, people choose wooden material […]

Outdoor Umbrella Stand With Grass Green

The Best Quality Outdoor Umbrella Stand to Decorate Your Patio

Outdoor umbrella stand is a decorative item that can give a decorative look while giving a warm atmosphere to your outdoor area. However, choosing the right outdoor umbrella needs some consideration in order to end up with the best quality outdoor umbrella. The first consideration when choosing the right outdoor umbrella stand is the construction. Typically, patio or garden umbrella designed with a centered or cantilever offset base and frame for stability. The […]

Texture Ceiling With Lights Wall

How to Texture a Ceiling

Texturing a ceiling or wall is a good thing to do, especially when you want to enhance the appearance of the house. There are so many sources you could use to show you how to texture a ceiling. It is easy to do. You do not need to attain a set of special skills before undergo the project. Luckily, I am going to provide you step by step how to texture a […]

Top How to Redo Hardwood Floors

How to Redo Hardwood Floors

Natural elements always become the perfect friend of the house materials. It is possible to put out any wooden materials of your home building, but it will reduce your house aesthetic value. In the other hand, you will also lack of budgets because the wood are the materials that are cheap and affordable. Wooden materials can give a natural touch for the entire area of the room. You can have […]

Panasonic Portable Washer and Dryer

Portable Washer and Dryer for Small Apartment

If you live in apartment with small space, it’s big deal to put washing and drying machine in your apartment. Then, you have to laundry your clothes every day? It means that you should spend your coin to washing your clothes. But now, you should not worry. You have to try portable washer and dryer. Nowadays this portable machine has become a topic for every people. This machine is designed to make easier people […]

Provence Living Room Decor Styles

Living Room Decor Styles

We will discuss decorating the living room with the versatile style of glass, ranging from walls, floors, and furniture that is versatile to use transparent glass material. Transparent glass wall of the living room decor styles do have a lot of functions. One of them could bring the diverse views of the outside and inside the house. Additionally it is able to provide natural scenery and natural, as if the […]