Gehry Cardboard Furniture sofa single

Gehry Cardboard Furniture

Today, furniture is not only made of wood, metal, or plastic, but it can also be made from recyclable cardboard. This idea comes from Frank Gehry with his great project in turning a piece recyclable cardboard in a piece of furniture. This is not simply a piece of furniture, but this is sturdy enough to be used for a long time. Gehry cardboard furniture can be a great inspiration if […]

Frank Gehry Furniture Cardboard with antique shape

Frank Gehry Furniture Cardboard

Spending a lot of money for the piece of furniture is not a good solution for those with tight budget, especially to buy traditional furniture. Opt for the Cardboard chairs and tables is a good option though. Most of you, I bet already know what the Frank Gehry furniture cardboard is, type of furniture came to the furniture industry in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Since then, more and more people […]

How to Make Record Shelves Image

How to Make Record Shelves

Having a record shelf for music lovers is needed. Certainly you don’t want your music records to get thrown away around your room. Record shelves are very helpful to keep your album collection in place and prevent it from warping. Using standard bookshelves for record album is inappropriate because they have different sizes. You can make your own record album instead of forcing using your standard bookshelves for keeping the […]

Router Bit Types Tool

Router Bit Types Uses

When you talk about the router bit types, then you will know that what you mean is quality router bit that are made for many different purposes. There are things that you should know about the router bit; they surely have a very high standard to such a tool. If you ever find your need to a router, then this is the best tool that you can find on the market. […]

Pottery Barn Couch Slipcover

Pottery Barn Slip Covers to Change The Cover Sofa

This time I will share to you some cheap method, well looks like cheap and simple is the prefer combination, I will tell you something about pottery barn slip covers, you may have a problem with your sofa or other seat furniture’s, if your sofa is no longer have good color you have to change it, buy a new sofa really draining your money, and most people don’t like to […]

How to Make a Lamp Shades Out Decor

How To Make A Lamp

The lightings is also the important thing to make the house looks great. The perfect lightings would make the house to house to be awesome. The right lightings would make the dramatic feelings to the house. You have to get the perfect lightings for the house to make the house has the perfect atmosphere and lights. The lightings in the house at night come from the lamp. The lamp is […]

Bright White Ikea Slipcovers for Living Room Sofa

Stylish Ikea Slipcovers Design

The furniture is one of the important thing you have for the house. You have to get the design of the furniture to be right and great. There are so many designs of the furniture you can choose for your house. You have to find the suitable and right design for the furniture. The furniture in the house has to be chosen wisely. You have to choose the decoration of […]

Typhoon Bordeaux Granite Countertop with new model

Typhoon Bordeaux Granite Countertop

There are so many ways to increase the value of your house and one of them is by using the typhoon Bordeaux granite as your countertop. Kitchen is the heart of the house. People would love to spend more times in the beautiful kitchen with mesmerizing countertop while preparing the foods for the dinner. More and more people opt for the typhoon Bordeaux granite as the kitchen’s countertop because of its so many benefits. […]

How to Childproofing Windows

How to Install Childproofing Windows

Like the other parents, watching our kids being active, cheerful, and learn new things, definitely makes our heart happy. New baby learning to crawl and walk, he or she will attempt to reach objects, crawling, climbing, whatever objects around them. In the early age, the child will try to learn to get acquainted and explore objects. However, at his early life and, the children have not a brain coordination as […]

The Choice of Outdoor Fire Pit Kits with huge size

The Choice of Outdoor Fire Pit Kits

No matter if it is day or night, everybody loves to spend time outside the door while catching up some fresh air watching the kids playing around down below the sunlight. Outdoor activities are fun and thrilling for most people on the entire world and that is why we are willing to do anything in order to make the house could possibly accommodate such a goal by using the home fire […]

Pictures of Decks with Flower

Pictures of Decks for Patio Design

Many house have several different, but try to make it simple, not every house have something like patio, you surely already know about this one, a patio is a place where you can feel some relaxed, some may build inside, and the other build outside, and some patio may design to have deck for the floor, floor decking is so common, you may see the pictures of decks here, many […]

Awesome Ideas for Powder Rooms

How to Create Beautiful Decorating Ideas for Powder Rooms

Powder room is a room where the guests having themselves to touch up their make up in your own house. It is usually a place where the giant mirror hung in the wall and there is the deck underneath. This powder room somehow will help you creating unique decoration near the entryway of your house. A mirror hanging on the wall with the desk above it surely will give you […]