Frank Gehry Furniture Cardboard with hanging decoration

Frank Gehry Furniture Cardboard

Spending a lot of money for the piece of furniture is not a good solution for those with tight budget, especially to buy traditional furniture. Opt for the Cardboard chairs and tables is a good option though. Most of you, I bet already know what the Frank Gehry furniture cardboard is, type of furniture came to the furniture industry in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Since then, more and more people […]

Gehry Cardboard Furniture chair

Gehry Cardboard Furniture

Today, furniture is not only made of wood, metal, or plastic, but it can also be made from recyclable cardboard. This idea comes from Frank Gehry with his great project in turning a piece recyclable cardboard in a piece of furniture. This is not simply a piece of furniture, but this is sturdy enough to be used for a long time. Gehry cardboard furniture can be a great inspiration if […]

Impressive Window Treatment Ideas for Picture Windows

Window Treatment Ideas for Picture Windows

Do you like to improve the visual appearance of the home decorating ideas? If you say yes, probably there will be some ornaments or rich motifs that are available at your home. Some rooms can be your experiment to implements the idea that are arises. There are so many aspects that can cause the various atmospheres in the room. Windows can be one of the elements that is easily to […]

White Displaying Family Photos on Wall

How You Displaying Family Photos on Wall

By displaying family photos on wall, you can always have that kind of nostalgic feelings every time you pass it. it will be such a personal memorabilia which you think it becomes half of your life because of the appearance of your beloved people on the surface. You should be proud if you have a wide wall so you can display all of your favorite pictures of your family on […]

Asbestos Popcorn Ceiling With Money Coins

Popcorn Ceiling Asbestos: Is it Still Good for Your Home?

Popcorn ceiling were sensational at 1950’s through 80’s. Most homes had that kind of ceiling as part of decoration. It was a popular and out of range when countless people decided to have popcorn ceilings put up throughout their houses. Fashionable was not the only reason why people get such a thing since popcorn ceiling absorb and dampen noise as well. They did everything to make it much more appealing […]

Finished Basement BAr

Finished Basement Tips and Tricks

As the homeowner that has a land that is quiet small, of course you will make some places that can increase the amount of the land of your living place. It can be done by putting an additional floor to the living place. It can be in the form of adding more story or floor or create a basement. The function of the story and the basement is the same. […]

Beautiful Tiled Bathrooms with fancy style

Beautiful Tiled Bathrooms

Sometime, only seeing at the photo gallery from the internet, you need to also stimulate your mind in order to make a beautiful experience. If you see several bathroom tiles, you have to think about didn’t come back, but they are very appropriate tables. There are some things that can help you reach your goal to create beautiful tiled bathrooms. The first and the most important thing that needs to […]

Insulate Floor above Crawl Space Images

Insulate Floor above Crawl Space

Global warming is happening now is quite diverse Impacts on human life. It also impacts the crawl space, so that we need to insulate floor above crawl space. Rising Water Temperatures reduces the impact of human thermal comfort zone. The building or residence, as the primary means of meeting the needs of human beings, must meet the criteria for human comfort zone, where thermal comfort into one integral part. There are several […]

Shelving Ideas for Small Spaces Design With Simple

Shelving Ideas for Small Spaces

Shelving and storage system is a crucial part of well organized home. A lot of people keep on talking how difficult time they have to face with when it comes to find the best shelving ideas for small spaces. Indeed, it is true as you mention that space plays a vital role in the way you choose the right ideas for the storage system, but once again, it should not obstruct […]

Simple Elegant Living Room Paint Colors

Elegant Living Room Paint Colors

When you are choosing the right paint color for your living room, you will definitely feel quite confused to choose the one that will work well in your room. Paint colors play an important role to create the ambiance and mood that you want to have in your living room. Using right colors is one of the best tools to create the impression. If you want to have a perfect living space, […]

Find Inspiration through Images of Tiled Bathrooms With Wood Roof

Find Inspiration through Images of Tiled Bathrooms

There are so many ways to enhance the overall look of the house, especially its bathroom and one of them is tiling. We do know that tiling is known as the most affordable solution to enhance the visual aspect of the house so you might want to consider it. Well, you could with this kind of option as long as you know what you are going to do. That is […]

Design Ideas for Gorgeous Small Living Rooms

Design Ideas for Small Living Rooms

If you are tired to be cramped living  in a small space, and you fee a little claustrophobic,  you need to find the best design ideas for small living rooms to create a new look and larger feel into your room. You don’t need to hire an expensive contractor to do your project. As you can read and learn how a professional creates an illusion of bigger  space in a small room.   When you want to […]