Frank Gehry Furniture Cardboard with unique design

Frank Gehry Furniture Cardboard

Spending a lot of money for the piece of furniture is not a good solution for those with tight budget, especially to buy traditional furniture. Opt for the Cardboard chairs and tables is a good option though. Most of you, I bet already know what the Frank Gehry furniture cardboard is, type of furniture came to the furniture industry in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Since then, more and more people […]

Gehry Cardboard Furniture sofa single

Gehry Cardboard Furniture

Today, furniture is not only made of wood, metal, or plastic, but it can also be made from recyclable cardboard. This idea comes from Frank Gehry with his great project in turning a piece recyclable cardboard in a piece of furniture. This is not simply a piece of furniture, but this is sturdy enough to be used for a long time. Gehry cardboard furniture can be a great inspiration if […]

Waterproof Wallpaper for Bathrooms with White and Black Floor

Waterproof Wallpaper for Bathrooms

You need waterproof wallpaper for your bathrooms guys! Imagine if it is not waterproof, it is will melting and broken if exposed from water. Waterproof and stylish wallpaper is all you need guys. Buy it online or in your city is up to you. A good quality affects the design of your wall bathroom. Using waterproof wallpaper with geometrical pattern with black and white color scheme and combine with black […]

Cleaning Guides of the Machine Washable Rugs checking

Cleaning Guides of the Machine Washable Rugs

Bathroom rugs are the things which are frequently placed around sinks, bathtubs, toilets that all of the area is the place where moisture, dirt and other elements are accumulated. That’s why it often gets dirty so that it needs some routine cleaning for the treatments. When it comes to choosing the best bathroom rugs, then machine washable rugs should be taken into your considerations. It’s just because such rugs can be washed easily […]

How to Decorate a Small Bathroom with Calm Color

How to Decorate a Small Bathroom

Bathroom is a room where you do your cleaning activity. The cleaning activity you do in the bathroom is the private activities. You have to get the bathroom that is comfortable for you to do your private activities. There are so many designs of the bathroom you can choose to have for your house. There are so many designs of the bathroom you can choose to make your bathroom to […]

Cool Japan Living Room Decoration

Tips to Designing the Japan Living Room Decoration in Your Home

Hello people, on this occasion I will try to explain to you several information about Japan living room decoration, back in the day when Japan tradition still have become great influence on for Japan people, they don’t even need a any seating furniture, just a single table and pillows as seating. This tradition still can be finding on modern living, and many people just like it, it’s like make a […]

Vanity Small Bathroom Makeovers with Shelves

Decorating Small Bathroom Makeovers

Are you enjoying with the room where you cleaning your body. Although just a bathroom, keep the narrow bathroom that clean and enjoy place. Don’t worry to makeovers of a small bathroom in your bedroom or outdoor of bedroom. Make your bathroom as cozy and as functional possible, whose light colors area’s are more efficient than the dark hues in small space bathroom. Make as small bathroom functional without compromising […]

DIY Home Improvement Frame Place

DIY Home Improvement

The life of a home is almost similar with the life its occupants, since both need a certain improvement in style or functionality along with their increasing ages. People can go to a salon or shopping in a mall, yet home cannot choose her own destiny, and it depends on the owner of how to improve her looks and functions. From thousands of ways that you can do to improve […]

Cinder Block Retaining Wall with the plants

Cinder Block Retaining Wall

When you are looking for the most affordable solution of the retaining wall, the cinder block retaining wall is among the best answers these days. Yet, it does not mean that you could get the best out of this thing. Build the retaining wall is kind of amazing thing to do and everybody loves to have such a thing in their gardens, but you also know that the price will always be […]

Double Bathroom Vanity with Makeup Table

Bathroom Vanity with Makeup Table

As the homeowners, we have to be smart facing some problems related to the space. The limit and the size of the space is one thing that surely forces us to be creative. Adding some stuff that has double function will be one brilliant alternative. Some built in furniture will also available in order to help the homeowners get many functions in one area of the space. One thing that […]

Used Broyhill Furniture - The Alternative for Having a More Affordable Furniture Shopping with dining set

Used Broyhill Furniture – The Alternative for Having a More Affordable Furniture Shopping

Broyhill Furniture is known to be expensive and this can be the most common problem faced by homeowners when they want to furnish their home with furniture. Well, when purchasing furniture, you shouldn’t purchase the new one. The used one will still give you the function of a piece of furniture. so, you can consider this. Usually, you think that the used furniture doesn’t have a good quality since it has […]

Charming Color for Small Bedroom Paint Ideas

Selecting Suitable Small Bedroom Paint Ideas

Determining the right paint color for a small bedroom can relieve create it seem bigger than it actually is. Color has the power to modify one’s visual insight of dimension and space, so it can be utilized to good benefit when coloring a smaller room space. Bright colors can launch a room and make it sense lighthearted and airy, while darker colors can create a room seem small. If you […]