Retaining Wall Cost on a Budget

Retaining Wall Cost With Grasses

Although retaining walls is not really attractive, at least these are really functional for your yard since these can help stem the erosion of property, to protect your yard from rising water and to create a flat surface on a sloped land. Also, this functional object can become a decorative one as well since it comes in different material and colors. The different materials used create different texture for each type of retaining wall and it can become a great aesthetic item in your yard. Retaining wall cost will be different depend on the materials used. So, to determine whether the cost for installing retaining walls is expensive or not depend on what types of retaining walls you use to be applied. The installation and material cost also different and one can be more expensive than another.

The lowest installation retaining wall cost can be the wooden retaining walls. However, the materials used can be the highest cost. The installation of wooden retaining walls starts around $20 per square foot. Redwood, Cyprus or mahogany will be more expensive than the railroad ties that commonly used for retaining walls. If the cost of railroad ties ranges from $25 to $30 per square foot, redwood, Cyprus and mahogany will cost you over $30 per square foot.

However, they are more expensive because they have more beautiful look to your yard. The opposite of wood is concrete retaining walls, which the installation cost is the highest, but it has lowest materials cost. The materials of concrete walls start around $30, but the installation cost ranges from $45 to $50 per square foot depends on the prep wok included in the building forms. If you create retaining walls higher than four feet, different type of form will be needed and it will increase the cost of the installation. So, when talking about retaining wall cost, this is changeable depend on the materials and the installation involved.

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