Italian Murphy Bed

Italian Murphy Bed with wooden flooring

Italian Murphy Bed with white cabinets

Italian Murphy bed is named based on the designer name, William Lawrence Murphy. Murphy is well known with his innovative, and multiple functional design furniture especially for bed. This bed can be turned into a desk, cabinets, or a comfortable sofa. Because it has more than one function in one item, it can be called as space-saving furniture. Certainly, the design makes Murphy bed as the versatile furniture in which it is very useful and beneficial for small spaces.

This innovative bed is designed and made in Italy and shipped for Fying Bed Company in Denver, Colorado. The Italian Murphy bed is equipped with a unique “intuitive lift mechanism” which make it easy and safe to be operated. The example of Murphy bed product is Tama Desk bed. This bed can be functioned as a desk when it is swung to the wall. So, at day, you can use it as a desk home office in which you can do your work. Not only that, the desk is equipped with shelf where you can put some books. When you turn it back as a bed, you should not pick the things on the desk. You can simply swing the bed down.

The next product is Mr. Hide Sofa. The name is unique as the design. This sofa can be change into one even two bed directly. This sofa has three comfortable seats and very suitable for your living room. Then, the Twirly bed is very suitable for you who need bed and also shelving unit in one place in a small room. This bed can be changed into a shelving unit by folding it back. On the shelving unit you can put many things such as accessories, books and many others. Furthermore, if you need a computer and a bed, you may choose the Computer Bed “The Tale”. This bed functions as little computer desk and bed in little size.

Besides the innovative design, the Italian Murphy bed is made of the best quality of metal bed frame and wooden slat foundation. So, you’d better don’t worry about the quality and the safety of this furniture.

18 Photos of the Italian Murphy Bed

Murphy Bed with Italian chandelierMurphy Bed with a light Italian sunshineItalian Murphy Bed with wooden flooringItalian Murphy Bed with woodItalian Murphy Bed with white chairsItalian Murphy Bed with white carpetItalian Murphy Bed with white cabinetsItalian Murphy Bed with two pillowsItalian Murphy Bed with sofa a redItalian Murphy Bed with shelves booksItalian Murphy Bed with purple sofaItalian Murphy Bed with plantsItalian Murphy Bed with pillow color of orangeItalian Murphy Bed with paintingItalian Murphy Bed with gray wall colorItalian Murphy Bed with decorative lightingItalian Murphy Bed with curtain ash abuItalian Murphy Bed with compute

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